Friday, June 12, 2009

Time to Catch-up

I know that I haven't done a post for a long time. This slide-show has a bunch of pictures that were taken on our trip to Orlando Florida. There will be more slide shows to come that have pictures from past holidays, and birthdays. I will try to get everyone caught -up! Enjoy!

P.S. You might want to turn down the music to the left to here the music to the slide show or vice-versa.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Santa Party

Every year we have a Moon Family Christmas Party at my Mom's house. It's great to be together with the family, and the cousins are thrilled to get a special visit from Santa Claus.

Addie, Aubrie, Makayla, Brinley, Alyssa performing Silent Night
"All I want for Christmas is to have my braces taken off-and maybe a karaoke machine."

"For Christmas I want a jump-rope and a laptop just like my dad's."

"I want a train whistle, so when I am playing with my train and blow the whistle, nobody will step on it. I also want a Wii with two paddles so my cousin can play with me."

"I want world peace!!!"

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I know. It's about time! Here's the news. Micah is going to be a BIG brother in April. He fits the part now as he is officially potty trained. Yee Haw! No more diapers for six months!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Car Trouble

I have not been happy this last week with my van. Trouble comes in three they say, and they are right on the money. Hopefully it won't come in four,five, or six. First off, a week ago our van blew a tire while cruising on I-15. Traffic was busy and it was all most dark, but Cory managed to change it (his first time too) with my help. I made sure to watch what he was doing because in the past I have had flats, and my Dad has come to the resue. So yesterday, we were leaving Spanish Fork to drive to Salt Lake for a wedding when a belt came loose on the van causing the steering to not work so well. Luckily, it happened by Big O Tire where we pulled over and had a mechanic take a look. He offered us a loner car, while our van was being fixed. So we canceled our drive up north and headed home in a older blue-green Ford Escort Wagon. Aubrie commented that the car was quite nice, while the rest of us somewhat disagreed. Then she asked Cory if we were stealing the car. That was pretty funny. So today after getting the van repaired (the water pump had broken) we went to my neice, Kaydrie's birthday party at my parents house in Benjamin. After the party, I was driving away, when something felt wrong with my tire. Another flat!! I was the only adult there, as Cory left early to go fishing, my parents had left to go shopping, and everyone else had gone home. I was so mad! After calling Cory and yelling at him (because it was his fault, right) I changed the tire all by myself. (In less time than Cory did too). I was too mad to feel proud about it. I hope this is the end of my story. Only time will tell.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

Aubrie said the funniest thing last night I wanted to share. Yesterday, Alyssa played in a couple of softball games that had been rescheduled due to previous rain. At dinner, Aubrie asked me if all the players dressed up and wore make-up for the games. I looked at her funny and replied, "No, why do you ask that?" She said, "Because they were make-up games." I thought that was so cute. Cory and I had a good chuckle.

I have another story about Micah. Yesterday, I FINALLY finished painting Micah's bedroom. (I believe I started in April.) So last night we moved his bed in there. He was so excited to sleep in his new room. It was cute watching him get ready for bed. He brushed his teeth, said his prayer, found a night light. Everything was set when I left his room, or so I thought. He immediately followed me out. He didn't have the right pillow. Then he was hungry. So we found his pillow, he ate his nightly bowl of cereal, and brushed his teeth again. He said good night, asked me to keep his door open, and went into his room. Ten seconds later he came charging out of his room all mad and said, "Gosh, this room is boring! I sleeping in your room. Good Night!" I guess I need to hang up some decor. Hopefully it won't take me as long as it did to paint. Funny kid.